Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pixel Papercraft - Minecraft

hello everybody!

As an avid Minecrafter I have a habit of making something from a game to reality. I've made the cake block using felt but recently came across Pixel Papercraft and decided to go ahead and print off my own character along with the guys from the server I play on.

The templates I printed off with the usernames I remembered. The problem with usernames people go by on Minecraft you have to be specific with CAPS and small letters.
HyperTofu [which is me]





family! ♥

At the moment I can't play Minecraft due to the Opersation System on my laptop currently not compatible with the new Minecraft update


Mucho love,

Tofu x

Disclaimer: Pixel Papercraft did not in any way contact me to write this post. All templates are provided by Pixel Papercraft and the designs are selected by the Minecrafters. I am merely showing what I have produced from the templates and did not purchase any necessary materials.

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