Saturday, July 27, 2013

(> ˚ヮ˚)> 27/07/13 small weekend treat haul

hello everybody!

Treated myself to a small weekend haul buying Company magazine August issue, Primark Home Single duvet cover set Moustache design and MUA's lipstick in Shade 4.

I love the whole moustache design especially from Primark. So far I own the moustache makeup case, moustahce fleece blanket, moustache pumps, moustache cushion and I happen to have seen another moustache fleece blanket design except it also glasses and a hat I think... should have taken a picture dang it!

*( ᵔᴥᵔ )*

Here's MUA Lipstick in Shade 4. At first I thought this was going to be like Barry M's lipstick 100 Baby Pink but ... it's sheer! For £1 I have to admit this was pretty decent and definitely affordable if no one is keen to spend more on sheer pink lipstick.

Looking forward to wearing this with minimal face and eye makeup on a sunny day.

*( ᵔᴥᵔ )*

Mucho love,

Tofu x

It's the weekend!! Roll on the hobbies and summer time!!

hello everybody!

Misleading title maybe but I'm not going anywhere, just glad it's the weekend so I can finally get on with my hobbies. I have so many things planned this summer I'm actually looking forward to it for once!

My summer plans:
(sounds like I'm back in primary school...yikes)
(> ˚˚)> 1: I'm planning my next cosplay as Chell from Portal [the first game]

(> ˚˚)> 2: job hunting for anything that sounds decent

(> ˚˚)> 3: blogging as often and when I can

(> ˚˚)> 4: baking (and eating haha) game-inspired 

(> ˚˚)> 5: starting up my Youtube gaming channel

(> ˚˚)> 6: DIY and crafts

(> ˚˚)> 7: drawing/illustrating

That's as far as I can think of for now but it's going to be fun getting on with things I actually enjoy doing in my spare time. Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

Mucho love,

Tofu x

Instagram week #1

hello everybody!

As some of you may not know I have decided to expand my "interests" towards Instagram and Lookbook. Sadly I have not posted any "looks" up on Lookbook but have been trying out Instagram. 
The issue I've heard about Instagram is the stealing of existing images from other accounts and people claiming it's theirs. This was one of the reasons why I've not had Instagram since it became available for Androids. Watermarking the images before posting them up on Instagram would resolve the problem just about...

1. rabbit inspired nail art, 2. watermelon, 3-4. shopping in Bluewater, 5. nomming more watermelon over the course of a few days, 6-13. printing, building my Minecraft family from across the pond, 14. fruit bowl my mum put together encouraging us to eat more fruits in the hot weather, 15. probably not the ideal hairstyle for sleeping but it was convenient for me.

As you might have noticed in most of the pictures I've taken with Instagram I've got my watermark showing clearly that the images belong to me. The app I used is iWatermark Free [technically the free version as I didn't want to pay £1.26 for the full one just yet as I wanted a basic watermarking app to start off with]. I think this app works fine for me and did what I wanted to achieve with basic tools.

To follow:

Mucho love,

Tofu x

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pixel Papercraft - Minecraft

hello everybody!

As an avid Minecrafter I have a habit of making something from a game to reality. I've made the cake block using felt but recently came across Pixel Papercraft and decided to go ahead and print off my own character along with the guys from the server I play on.

The templates I printed off with the usernames I remembered. The problem with usernames people go by on Minecraft you have to be specific with CAPS and small letters.
HyperTofu [which is me]





family! ♥

At the moment I can't play Minecraft due to the Opersation System on my laptop currently not compatible with the new Minecraft update


Mucho love,

Tofu x

Disclaimer: Pixel Papercraft did not in any way contact me to write this post. All templates are provided by Pixel Papercraft and the designs are selected by the Minecrafters. I am merely showing what I have produced from the templates and did not purchase any necessary materials.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New outfits?

Went to Bluewater today with mum and sis and totally didn't expect the humid weather [reminds me a lot of Hong Kong]. Felt uneasy even being inside Bluewater didn't help sadly.

I've not had the chance to wear full length maxi skirts so I thought I'd give it a go [after seeing a mannequin near the front of New Look yesterday].

New Look:
                          Top: Pink Tapestry Floral Stripe Crop T-Shirt [£9.99]                           Skirt: Tall Black Pleat Voile Maxi Skirt [£14.99]

I actually favoured this top the most 1. because the mannequin did make it look better with the maxi skirt 2. it doesn't make my shoulders look the obvious big. However for £9.99 ... is steep for me so I might buy a cheap alternative from "Primarni" then paint or tshirt transfer my own design.

                              Top: Monochrome Aztec Crop T-Shirt [£9.99]                              Skirt: same as first image
Just ... no.

Forever 21: 
                                    Top: Polka Dot Crop Top [£5.50]                                      Skirt: Black High Low Skirt [£10]
Would have never imagined myself wearing this crop top in a million years. Probably because I have wide shoulders so I tend to steer away from tops that would frame them even more. However the pattern is something I wouldn't pass off as casual but hey that's my taste. :D

                                 Top: same as previous image [5.50]                                Skirt:  Plaid Peplum Bodycon Skirt [£9.75]
First time trying on a peplum skirt and ... I ... had ... no idea it was going to be difficult to adjust let alone move my legs. It was a size 12 I wasn't trying to make any excuses to wear a size 10 or 8 because I'm sure by the look of my body it's average and not skinny. It was worth trying it for size but I've seen tutorials on how to make your own peplum skirt so I might give that a go in future.

                                Top: Miso Mesh Crop Top [was £14 now £5]                               Skirt: same Forever21 skirt
My sister and I were going through the sales area just to try on different crop tops and I didn't see what size each one was let alone how much of my flesh would be showing. Ah well doesn't hurt to try. It seems as though this blue mesh crop top was decent, however ... IT WAS A SIZE 10. Probably ideal for nights out but what surprised me the most was how the heck did I fit into a size 10?!
Anyhow amazement over I didn't get this top either [no surprise there huh?]

So which combination would have looked decent on me? I'm trying to incorporate different styles this summer for my Lookbook page [none at the moment (╥﹏╥).)

Mucho love,

Tofu x

Monday, July 15, 2013

HyperTofu on Instagram and Lookbook

I want to dedicate more time to my blog and motivate myself to putting up more post on time. Now that we are in the summer it's time to put away the leggings and out with shorts and dresses!

In the past I remembered how paranoid I was with my legs due to the massive calves down there but I can't always have the best things in life so I flaunt them without a care in the world :).

The reason why I've decided to have Instagram and Lookbook is so I can be more diverse with my creativity with makeup and fashion. I'm looking forward to showing what outfits I like to put together for the summer as well as things I do from a day-to-day basis.

Mucho love,

Tofu x

NOTD ~ Usagi time~

[NOTD - nail of the day]

In case some of you aren't aware of what a usagi is, it's basically the Japanese word for 'bunny/rabbit'. This design was again inspired by luuthienluv's Blog - No.124 with the rabbit design. I decided to challenge myself by keeping to the brushes that are part of the nail polishes as opposed to cocktail stick or bobby pin.

Accessorize in baby pink (not official name), Nails Inc in Elizabeth Street, Sinful Colors Professional in Snow Me White, Rio Professional Nail art in White and Black

Apply a base coat first before using the base colour. If the first layer isn't opaque enough wait for the layer to dry before applying on more. I chose nude with a hint of pink for my base colour.

Paint half a circle on the tips of each nail switching between the colours of baby pink and white for the odd/even look. Personally I would carefully paint the semi-circle so it wouldn't be too high up on the nail or lopsided. This would be the head of the bunny.

Carefully draw two lines, representing the bunny ears, from the top of the nail towards the head. The reason why I painted in this direction is so I wouldn't end up with streaky ears instead of the round end. It can be optional for the length of the ears but I opted for the long strokes.

For the thin stroke inside the ears I made sure that there wasn't a lot of the polish on the brush enabling me to carefully paint the design without excessive amount in one go. I tried going for the long teardrop effect and was only successful on some. Switching around the colours for the ears [pink for white bunny and vice versa] this look is cuter and keeps with the consistency of the colours I'm using.

I used the black nail pen to draw on the eyes, nose and mouth of the bunnies. The white for the eyes are optional but I left them out as I feel they're cute without as well. (• ε •)

Put on a top coat to seal the design et voila~ you now have bunnies on your nail! [Not the right season but they're adorable!]

Mucho love,

Tofu x

Saturday, July 13, 2013

BB Bakery [in Covent Garden]

This was for my 23rd burfday but... shhh it's a late post.

When it was my 23rd birthday I was hoping to have high tea for the first time but sadly at BB Bakery in Covent Garden it was fully booked by the time I had called them for Saturday. As they are a small branch they tend to be packed everyday so it was the gamble to go there in person to grab a table. To our surprise we arrived there after midday and only a few tables were occupied so Julia and I grabbed the seats near the staircase.

the cute menu

the interior of the bakery cafe

our little pots of tea (makes me want to keep the teapot!!!) and our little sweet treats

-sighs- the chocolate ganache dome was sitting there innocently... and Julia went all art on the poor dome!
Julia warned me that scoffing down waay too much chocolate [especially dark chocolate] as well as drinking hot chocolate would literally drive me crazy...and she was right. Too much on the sweetness level and I order hot tea right away. Soothed me down on time (°⌣°)

look at the pretty lady (°∀°)

trying out the big sunglasses in Urban Outfitters - BIG is in
Definitely worth going to BB Bakery but the chances of booking for high tea ... do this well in advance and not like me [a few days beforehand - shame on myself]. 

[Word of advice to self: don't overdose on dark chocolate]

Mucho love,

Tofu x

Thursday, July 11, 2013

07/07/12 Time to hit BRIGHTON BEACH

Phew! Perfect weather to hit the beach

Screenshot from my phone

Went with Julia and this was a very last minute decision! Here's a selection of photos that rounded up the day's event :D


From this trip I've got a "looovely" tan from my vest [haha] despite slapping on the sunscreen (✖╭╮✖). Can't wait to go next time with the rest of the group and snack like crazeh!

Mucho love,

Tofu x