Monday, August 20, 2012

My DIY blog

Hey guys check out my other blog Easy Like DIY where I post up easy yet simple DIY tutorials with a possible budget I can work within. This was originally for one of my university projects during second year but I have decided to go ahead and maintain the blog as well as this one. It's the thought process that counts but it's always nice to go the extra mile on a gift for someone else. I've been doing this for quite some time but never knew how to post anything up back then however it would be nice to share ideas that I have been inspired by for you guys.

I'm not a professional when it comes to crafting but I enjoy it during my free time. If I see ideas on days out in the City or online it motivates me to jot down how I would go about making my own or just for fun.

If anyone wants to suggest or ask me for ideas feel free to message me on here and I will try my best to help if not please enjoy the rest of my two blogs for browsing.


Thursday, August 02, 2012

Studding Project No.1 - Sleeveless denim jacket

I've watched and looked into the projects people have been putting up on their blogs with the studs they've purchased. This is something I have been dwelling for some time now but never got round to doing so. In one of my previous post I have mentioned receiving my pyramid studs through the post and have managed to make use of them before I forget about them (most likely it'll be before my summer holiday ends ●﹏●). Grabbed my New Look sleeveless hoodie for this first project bwhahaha, bought it during sales earlier this year.

On with the project:

Stage 1: pierce the studs careful not to accidentally prick into your finger(s) [which I have a few times so please be careful]. The parts that are used to pierce through the clothing would need to "close in" for safety and I used a pair of scissors giving me more control and less fidgety.

Stage 2: also think about the positions you'd want the studs to be and how close they would be situated next to one another and because mine are 1cm studs I didn't want to risk clumping the collars too much.

Stage 3: once you're satisfied with the first row of studs you will have a clear idea of positioning the other rows however you like.

Stage 4: noticing the collars width thinning and not wanting to burden the look so went for the "gradient" look with these studs.

Stage 5: et voila ~ c'est fini!

Somehow the left side of the collar is noticeably showing the -ahem- bad placements of the studs but it was my first time using these studs so it's not that bad for a beginner you could say. All in all I've got some many projects I want to use these studs for so...

Project No.1 successful? YES


Wednesday, August 01, 2012

(✿♥‿♥) Portsmouth Outlet BIG shopping haul (♥‿♥✿)

This was a very last minute decision made by my father by all means to spend a Tuesday together without me being at uni or him going into a meeting all day. Haven't been to Portmouth Gunwharf Quays for MONTHS! This outlet compared to the others we've been reasonable brand-wise.

What a view and on the plus side...SUNNY! (✿◠‿◠)

As I do whenever I come here with my family I like to browse in the stores I'm interested in or out of boredom just wander into as many stores as I could for fun. The first store I approached wouldn't have been my usual but seeing as I was in a good mood to start with so Ted Baker it was. I have to admit I was blown away but the new collection AND I didn't realise I could use my NUS card to discount from the original price AND outlet price!! Baring in mind I did intend to buy my second dress for family weddings in October and I think I've found ze perfect one!! One of the staff, which I'm presuming her role is the store's stylist, was really helpful with this dress. Not only did I tell her what it I would team it with from my own experience, she wanted me to visually see for myself rather than in my mind. Teaming up with a blazer jacket and heels I could see this dress looked every bit sophisticated and classy. I loved it and bought this dress with a good discount.

Ted Baker dress was £159 reduced to £89 and I paid £75. I'm happy with this purchase to be fair and so completes my hunt for dresses for family weddings this October ٩(^‿^)۶.
Jumpsuit from Yumi not sure about original price or outlet price but bought this piece for £5 not bad eh eh (• ε •).

Browsing stores and taking pictures not necessarily buying everything.
Interesting cards at Clintons! Would have bought the coffee cup for myself but the price whacks the back of my head real hard.
My first thought on this was 'Already own' but behind the poster...were the three on the right!! Went ahead and bought the nerd and big ball!! And this is a 22year old I'm talking about here.
1-2: Laptop skin for my macbook (finally a replacement) was £3.50 now £1.50; 3-4: Bunny Strawberry and Cream Lip Balm forgot the original price but I only paid 75p.

Moving on to the FOOD! Previously we've never had good service at Chiquitos but considering it's been years since our last visit to one...might as well see if Portsmouth branch is any better.

1: Dad's 'Lazy Boy' BBQ Pork Quesadilla; 2: Mum's Smoky BBQ Mexican Style chicken; 3: our shared Taco Tapas Meat Tray; 4: Sister's Chimichangas with Spicy Chicken filling and 5: my Smokin' Texan Chilli Hot Dog with fries...absolutely deliciously and yes the hot dog was long but I manage to savour the whole thing ;)

So at the end of the day I manage to get the thing I had in mind from the start (a dress to complete my to-do list) and manage to wiggle in a few stuff I only discovered today. Portsmouth outlet beats all the other outlets I've been to in the past probably because it's by the refreshing sea and it was sunny.