Thursday, September 13, 2012

New phone (no not the iPhone)

Since getting back to blogging this summer I've been struggling with keeping everything in one place e.g. the photos taken on my mum's ipod touch camera etc there for I have to email them in batches of five to my own email, open them up, drag the ID onto the images then onto here...long process eh? Plus I rarely have the ipod touch with me these days unless I have a good enough reason...hauls!!! 

Now that my current phone contract is coming to an end (under 24 hours) I've purchased the Samsung Galaxy S2 and yes I have read mixed reviews about it and also the comparison with the iPhone but...I don't want the iPhone. Some people might say I'm crazy and stupid to even think of buying any other handset aside that but really...I don't want the iPhone. I've had my ipod touch for years now and I'm dead bored of the apps, no camera meaning I resort to using my mum's one and I just play with 3/4 apps out of the 70 I currently hold. I'll keep this device until it breaks.

Good thing bout this new phone 4.3" touchscreen, 8mp camera with flash, 16GB internal memory/card included, 8.6 hours talk time...yeh the camera quality is important compared to Blackberry's 2mp ●︿●. I struggled to be happy with the pictures I took using that phone! It had that horrible greyish filter and I can't be satisfied with the images in the long run. Without my SLR on me I didn't bother whipping out my phone knowing the quality would lack.

So on that note I will be posting up better quality images (still with the Pudding Camera app and many other kawaii camera apps I've researched) and I will try harder this year not only with final year of my degree but blogging when I can.
Optimistic...pretty much.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

o(╥﹏╥)o Apologies to everyone o(╥﹏╥)o

Since last week we've lost our internet as it was the end of the contract and luckily I've just managed to finish my resubmission beforehand so that's a positive thing. However because we've switched from Talktalk to BT...things got a little out of hand: a technician was meant to come in to fix our "broadband-light-not-on" problem but it went from last Wednesday to Saturday as there was a problem with our line..."apparently".

So I've been without the internet for about a week, just managing with my phone but that's not good enough. For once this year I've continued my chick flick collection from my new room and that's nearly completed just need to do a few DIY projects (which would be up on both blogs) and before I know it the 17th arrives and BAM...presentation is my main priority when I enter my final year.

It's nerve wrecking and I even doubt I'll get a first...just a 2:1 will do me fine lolz but at the end it's what I want to do for my career (Interior Graphics is what I would love to be more involved in). The amount of research I need to do for my final year is crucial and I know my friends and I always say to push eachother to work harder never happens truth be told until last minute...not ideal for us lolz.

Fingers cross I don't have a breakdown the first month in.