Sunday, October 21, 2012

051012 Jon & Tracey's wedding

Friday 5th October 2012 (I know that was ages away)

Today was my cousin's wedding and aside the fact that it was freezing (no tights) but eventually body adapted to the temperature (°∀°)...eventually indeed.
Beautiful wedding cake (• ε •)
Tearful moment o(╥﹏╥)o

Cupcakes ~(• ε •~) green ones are green tea, pinks are rose and yellows are vanilla. A friend of Jon baked these.

How creative combining fortune cookie with white chocolate. It was delicious and the chocolate did not soften the cookie which was better.

My starter: fresh salmon roll with houmous inside, slice of baguette, sour cream and cress with drizzle of pesto sauce

My main: potato block, chopped lettuce, mushrooms and chunk of lamb (lamb lamb lamb) ~(• ε •~)
Ferrero Rocher tower attacked! Should have taken a shot beforehand ●︿● but I did have fun scoffing only two that day!

My cousin Pauline and I ٩◔‿◔۶

Makeup was inspired by Jen Frmheadtotoe [Link} successful!
Nails would be mentioned in another post very soon!

Taken loads of images on my camera but these are from my phone. Only selective images would be up on my post soon (that includes baby Zoe and Kai).

Mucho love, Tofu~

Monday, October 01, 2012

(• ε •) New phone and case (• ε •)

As mentioned in my previous post I've recently upgraded my phone after two years of having my blackberry. Here's what it looks like (could say this is unboxing the product hehe):

Phone box and the phone itself (°⌣°)

I did say to everyone that I wasn't going to opt for any Hello Kitty covers but I'm still going to have phone charms of that particular mascot! Bwhahaha...-ahem-

My pig crown phone case! It reminds me of the pig from Monster Hunter so much...the nappy, crown...cuteness. ♥‿♥

The case also came with a screen protector which I'll be needing help with. Can't trust myself to ensure no dust would be under the sticky part before it sticks onto the screen... 

Here's the [Link] for the pig case I have here in PINK.