Monday, October 01, 2012

(• ε •) New phone and case (• ε •)

As mentioned in my previous post I've recently upgraded my phone after two years of having my blackberry. Here's what it looks like (could say this is unboxing the product hehe):

Phone box and the phone itself (°⌣°)

I did say to everyone that I wasn't going to opt for any Hello Kitty covers but I'm still going to have phone charms of that particular mascot! Bwhahaha...-ahem-

My pig crown phone case! It reminds me of the pig from Monster Hunter so much...the nappy, crown...cuteness. ♥‿♥

The case also came with a screen protector which I'll be needing help with. Can't trust myself to ensure no dust would be under the sticky part before it sticks onto the screen... 

Here's the [Link] for the pig case I have here in PINK.    



  1. That's so cute!! xo-Tina

    1. Aww thanks ^^. I thought long and hard for a particular design to get for my new phone :D


  2. Thanks for your comment! what a cute phone case!!