Thursday, August 02, 2012

Studding Project No.1 - Sleeveless denim jacket

I've watched and looked into the projects people have been putting up on their blogs with the studs they've purchased. This is something I have been dwelling for some time now but never got round to doing so. In one of my previous post I have mentioned receiving my pyramid studs through the post and have managed to make use of them before I forget about them (most likely it'll be before my summer holiday ends ●﹏●). Grabbed my New Look sleeveless hoodie for this first project bwhahaha, bought it during sales earlier this year.

On with the project:

Stage 1: pierce the studs careful not to accidentally prick into your finger(s) [which I have a few times so please be careful]. The parts that are used to pierce through the clothing would need to "close in" for safety and I used a pair of scissors giving me more control and less fidgety.

Stage 2: also think about the positions you'd want the studs to be and how close they would be situated next to one another and because mine are 1cm studs I didn't want to risk clumping the collars too much.

Stage 3: once you're satisfied with the first row of studs you will have a clear idea of positioning the other rows however you like.

Stage 4: noticing the collars width thinning and not wanting to burden the look so went for the "gradient" look with these studs.

Stage 5: et voila ~ c'est fini!

Somehow the left side of the collar is noticeably showing the -ahem- bad placements of the studs but it was my first time using these studs so it's not that bad for a beginner you could say. All in all I've got some many projects I want to use these studs for so...

Project No.1 successful? YES



  1. Wow. I think you've saved a few of my jackets from the garbage bin. I think I'm going to try this on a few. I Love it!


    1. Aww thanks ^^. It's also nice to revamp a few items from the wardrobe when they're starting to look dull :)


  2. Lovely job there :)
    I might try that too! thx for this post x

    1. Thanks for the comment ^^. It was fun doing this even for a few minutes now to torture my other pieces around my cupboard, preferably with collars :3