Saturday, July 27, 2013

Instagram week #1

hello everybody!

As some of you may not know I have decided to expand my "interests" towards Instagram and Lookbook. Sadly I have not posted any "looks" up on Lookbook but have been trying out Instagram. 
The issue I've heard about Instagram is the stealing of existing images from other accounts and people claiming it's theirs. This was one of the reasons why I've not had Instagram since it became available for Androids. Watermarking the images before posting them up on Instagram would resolve the problem just about...

1. rabbit inspired nail art, 2. watermelon, 3-4. shopping in Bluewater, 5. nomming more watermelon over the course of a few days, 6-13. printing, building my Minecraft family from across the pond, 14. fruit bowl my mum put together encouraging us to eat more fruits in the hot weather, 15. probably not the ideal hairstyle for sleeping but it was convenient for me.

As you might have noticed in most of the pictures I've taken with Instagram I've got my watermark showing clearly that the images belong to me. The app I used is iWatermark Free [technically the free version as I didn't want to pay £1.26 for the full one just yet as I wanted a basic watermarking app to start off with]. I think this app works fine for me and did what I wanted to achieve with basic tools.

To follow:

Mucho love,

Tofu x

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