Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New outfits?

Went to Bluewater today with mum and sis and totally didn't expect the humid weather [reminds me a lot of Hong Kong]. Felt uneasy even being inside Bluewater didn't help sadly.

I've not had the chance to wear full length maxi skirts so I thought I'd give it a go [after seeing a mannequin near the front of New Look yesterday].

New Look:
                          Top: Pink Tapestry Floral Stripe Crop T-Shirt [£9.99]                           Skirt: Tall Black Pleat Voile Maxi Skirt [£14.99]

I actually favoured this top the most 1. because the mannequin did make it look better with the maxi skirt 2. it doesn't make my shoulders look the obvious big. However for £9.99 ... is steep for me so I might buy a cheap alternative from "Primarni" then paint or tshirt transfer my own design.

                              Top: Monochrome Aztec Crop T-Shirt [£9.99]                              Skirt: same as first image
Just ... no.

Forever 21: 
                                    Top: Polka Dot Crop Top [£5.50]                                      Skirt: Black High Low Skirt [£10]
Would have never imagined myself wearing this crop top in a million years. Probably because I have wide shoulders so I tend to steer away from tops that would frame them even more. However the pattern is something I wouldn't pass off as casual but hey that's my taste. :D

                                 Top: same as previous image [5.50]                                Skirt:  Plaid Peplum Bodycon Skirt [£9.75]
First time trying on a peplum skirt and ... I ... had ... no idea it was going to be difficult to adjust let alone move my legs. It was a size 12 I wasn't trying to make any excuses to wear a size 10 or 8 because I'm sure by the look of my body it's average and not skinny. It was worth trying it for size but I've seen tutorials on how to make your own peplum skirt so I might give that a go in future.

                                Top: Miso Mesh Crop Top [was £14 now £5]                               Skirt: same Forever21 skirt
My sister and I were going through the sales area just to try on different crop tops and I didn't see what size each one was let alone how much of my flesh would be showing. Ah well doesn't hurt to try. It seems as though this blue mesh crop top was decent, however ... IT WAS A SIZE 10. Probably ideal for nights out but what surprised me the most was how the heck did I fit into a size 10?!
Anyhow amazement over I didn't get this top either [no surprise there huh?]

So which combination would have looked decent on me? I'm trying to incorporate different styles this summer for my Lookbook page [none at the moment (╥﹏╥).)

Mucho love,

Tofu x


  1. Omg ur so ugly and go wash your nasty dirty feet

    1. The jealousy is strong with this keyboard warier! Wow.