Saturday, July 27, 2013

It's the weekend!! Roll on the hobbies and summer time!!

hello everybody!

Misleading title maybe but I'm not going anywhere, just glad it's the weekend so I can finally get on with my hobbies. I have so many things planned this summer I'm actually looking forward to it for once!

My summer plans:
(sounds like I'm back in primary school...yikes)
(> ˚˚)> 1: I'm planning my next cosplay as Chell from Portal [the first game]

(> ˚˚)> 2: job hunting for anything that sounds decent

(> ˚˚)> 3: blogging as often and when I can

(> ˚˚)> 4: baking (and eating haha) game-inspired 

(> ˚˚)> 5: starting up my Youtube gaming channel

(> ˚˚)> 6: DIY and crafts

(> ˚˚)> 7: drawing/illustrating

That's as far as I can think of for now but it's going to be fun getting on with things I actually enjoy doing in my spare time. Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

Mucho love,

Tofu x

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