Saturday, July 13, 2013

BB Bakery [in Covent Garden]

This was for my 23rd burfday but... shhh it's a late post.

When it was my 23rd birthday I was hoping to have high tea for the first time but sadly at BB Bakery in Covent Garden it was fully booked by the time I had called them for Saturday. As they are a small branch they tend to be packed everyday so it was the gamble to go there in person to grab a table. To our surprise we arrived there after midday and only a few tables were occupied so Julia and I grabbed the seats near the staircase.

the cute menu

the interior of the bakery cafe

our little pots of tea (makes me want to keep the teapot!!!) and our little sweet treats

-sighs- the chocolate ganache dome was sitting there innocently... and Julia went all art on the poor dome!
Julia warned me that scoffing down waay too much chocolate [especially dark chocolate] as well as drinking hot chocolate would literally drive me crazy...and she was right. Too much on the sweetness level and I order hot tea right away. Soothed me down on time (°⌣°)

look at the pretty lady (°∀°)

trying out the big sunglasses in Urban Outfitters - BIG is in
Definitely worth going to BB Bakery but the chances of booking for high tea ... do this well in advance and not like me [a few days beforehand - shame on myself]. 

[Word of advice to self: don't overdose on dark chocolate]

Mucho love,

Tofu x


  1. Yay you made it! I guess my last minute afternoon tea was one of those rare moments. Either they felt sorry for me, or they thought American accent = big tipper ; )