Monday, July 15, 2013

NOTD ~ Usagi time~

[NOTD - nail of the day]

In case some of you aren't aware of what a usagi is, it's basically the Japanese word for 'bunny/rabbit'. This design was again inspired by luuthienluv's Blog - No.124 with the rabbit design. I decided to challenge myself by keeping to the brushes that are part of the nail polishes as opposed to cocktail stick or bobby pin.

Accessorize in baby pink (not official name), Nails Inc in Elizabeth Street, Sinful Colors Professional in Snow Me White, Rio Professional Nail art in White and Black

Apply a base coat first before using the base colour. If the first layer isn't opaque enough wait for the layer to dry before applying on more. I chose nude with a hint of pink for my base colour.

Paint half a circle on the tips of each nail switching between the colours of baby pink and white for the odd/even look. Personally I would carefully paint the semi-circle so it wouldn't be too high up on the nail or lopsided. This would be the head of the bunny.

Carefully draw two lines, representing the bunny ears, from the top of the nail towards the head. The reason why I painted in this direction is so I wouldn't end up with streaky ears instead of the round end. It can be optional for the length of the ears but I opted for the long strokes.

For the thin stroke inside the ears I made sure that there wasn't a lot of the polish on the brush enabling me to carefully paint the design without excessive amount in one go. I tried going for the long teardrop effect and was only successful on some. Switching around the colours for the ears [pink for white bunny and vice versa] this look is cuter and keeps with the consistency of the colours I'm using.

I used the black nail pen to draw on the eyes, nose and mouth of the bunnies. The white for the eyes are optional but I left them out as I feel they're cute without as well. (• ε •)

Put on a top coat to seal the design et voila~ you now have bunnies on your nail! [Not the right season but they're adorable!]

Mucho love,

Tofu x