Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NOTD ~ Kirby

 [NOTD - Nail of the day]

The much loved squashy little pink ball of cuteness adorns my nail today. This was done over two days to allow the base colour to dry within good time.

Here are the nail polishes I've used for this design:
W7 Diamond Top Coat, Rio Professional Nail art in Yellow, White and Black,MUA Shade 16 and Accessorize in baby pink (not official name)

I'm right-handed so I only painted my left nails. I've tried waiting a few days before putting on top coat just to see if there was any difference in avoiding the whole "runny polish" problem but it still happened so I just put the top coat on a few hours after the last polish have set. The first image was BEFORE applying the top coat on plus it's better than what I'm looking at now... [runny star borders...sob]. Kirby looks intact...just about... 

(• ε •)

Mucho love,

Tofu x


  1. This. Is. Gorgeous. Haha, great job!!


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