Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DIY ombré hair [Part 1]

So the ombré hair effect has become popular over the past few years and still trending even today. Contemplating and to avoid my mum getting a real shock on the choice of colour...I will have to bleach my hair (darn my thick Asian black hair...-sighs- ●︿●). At first I wanted the bottom half of my hair to be red but not so vibrant and because it's not going to be ultra blonde straight away it's not going to be the colour shown on the box...I HOPE!!! (°∀°)...

On with the tutorial! 

These were on offer "2 products for £7.49" on all Schwarzkopf hair products or £5.99/£3.99 (messed up the pricing sorry) each saving me 49p (yay). I would have opted for the Shake It Up Foam in Ice Blonde Blast but I wasn't so certain that it would work effectively as a bleach so stuck with the usual hair dye.
I bought the Hypnotic Red 37 and Max Blonde 00B. On the side it would show roughly the end result of the dye with specific hair tones. My only concern was my stubborn hair it's not virgin hair but has previously been dyed using same brand but Mystic Violet 87. That...only tinted my hair and I received different responses such as 'your hair looks red...purple...ginger...red'...stubborn indeed!

The kit shown here is only from the Max Blonde set as it's part 1 of the ombré effect. Tinting kit is from Boots £4.69 and the range of brushes belongs to me as back combing sections of hair near the roots prevents the obvious border between the bleach and natural hair.

I read up that covering the bleached area with foil helps speed up the process -shrugs- guess it does help but willing to try for the first time. There is the tint of previous hair colour reflecting from the natural light outside and I have sufficient hair length to do this ombré effect.

Instructions were provided on mixing the solution inside the squeezy bottle that was including in the kit. It's more convenient for me to use the brush as I feel using my fingers might get the bleach everywhere and miss a few areas. Emptying the bleach into the mixing bowl, backcombed my roots, I went ahead and brushed 1/3 down on 1/4 sectioned hair. Obviously using the foil to give myself a back to work against it was very difficult to do everything mirrored because my hair length is not that long for me to just simply look down and do. I did struggle at the beginning but it was a breeze for the other side.


Now that the tips are waiting for the bleach to take action...I WAS BORED and felt like I was taking a trip to the oven (haha...). I did a lot of research as to how long to keep the bleach in there but I only knew that bronze would be the closest stage for this so I unwrapped all 4 foil..COBS!!! [IMPORTANT: check every 5-10 minutes to see how the colour is coming along]. 


Now the tricky part...with no one to help me with how far I'm sploshing the bleach (aside the occasional skin touching with the brush) I felt utterly clueless and did my best (this is the part where I weeped and hoped for the worst). Keeping in mind that this is the ombré effect I applied more on the bleached area but also further up towards my head. Again wrapped all four sections with one bit sheet of foil each and checked every 5-10 minutes til 

One thing I can only say...I ran out of bleach when I got to the last section right at the end. Just managed to move the mixture up but...it's more obvious in the second image...I was being to generous with the rest of the hair! HAHAHAHAHAHA...serves me right.

I was thinking of buying more bleach but it would screw up the whole process and having to balance out everything so...it might not look too bad when I use the red dye next month. My hair hates me so I'm letting it rest...for a month!!! I wanted blue or purple but it would look pretty awkward according to my sister plus she was totally against this in the first place haha!

Have any of you guys attempted dip dye/ombré effect before and did it involve any other colours? Til the second part ~


Mucho love,

Tofu x


  1. OOOOO very nicely done! you said you did a terrible job - no you didn't! It looks fab! It also costs like 40 odd quid at the hairdressers to do it so you saved yourself some money! I did the ombre thing on my brown hair with pink fading to purple then blue here cant really see the colours though and I had ombre on my brown hair going to blonde here but i did it the opposite way my hair was light blonde-ish and i dyed over the roots of my hair in a darker brown leaving the tips (they were dying anyways) and it came out okay!

    I heard you have to backcomb your hair to ombre it so that it fades into the hair! The colour you have now is night don't bleach it anymore >.< might fall off hahaha it looks pretty! X

    1. actually a few days before that I went to Trade Secret hairdressers to roughly see how much it'll cost for me and it was £55 ish. Luckily she said she couldnt do my hair on that day so I made a booking for two days after that. Went home told mum and sis they werent happy with the pricing and said i cant go ahead with it.

      I weeped lolz because I had planned this for so long but I didnt want to give up so knowing I would have to risk using bleach I did some intensive research and went into town to buy the stuff I needed. So yeh I saved a lot of money doing this myself yaaay :D

      I loved it when u had that vibrant pink hair OMG I wanted it soo much but saw how you did some heavy bleaching lolzz was scared nuuu xD

      oh good so I was right with the whole stopping progress...damn asian hair lolzz. How do asians manage to get it proper proper blonde white??

      plus I've been waiting so long for my hair to grow i dont want to lose my tips lolzz xD

      Tofu x

  2. I like the hair colour. It really does shows but I'm a bit scared of bleaching my hair since I have really thin, fine hair. Thanks for the review! x

    1. Ive read that for fine hair it's ideal to keep the check regularly to avoid the hair falling off due to the bleach. I've got thick hair so it took quite some time to get the colour I was going to be satisfied with