Sunday, April 14, 2013

March haul (small)

[Note: just trying different picture layout/format to suit my style so each post might look different each time til I'm happy with time hehe]

So to begin in Boots I researched beforehand that Miss Sporty had an offer Buy 2 for £3 on the lip balms but sadly they only had 4 instead of 5 to choose from so I opted for just 2 :(.
On the right 03 Gossip Kiss SOS and 01 Sweet Kiss SOS
All the Dr Balms are very sheer and was difficult to show through on my camera but only a light tint. They're moisterising and usually on for £1.99 each which isn't too bad. There are 5 in this collection but not all the branches of Boots or Superdrug stock every single one or just have a tester.

I have a weakness for nail polishes particularly for the pastel range of any brand. Again there was an offer on the 17 brand with nail polishes 'Buy 1 get 1 half price' which was better than the offer Barry M Gelly had so opted for these ones instead. For the Revlon polishes I got them from TKMaxx in a pack (or wallet rather) of three at the price of £7.99 plus these were scented as well!
17 nail polishes in Wave and Simply Pink. Revlon nail polishes in Peach Smoothie, Gum Drop and Cotton Candy

My sister received Revlon scented polish for Christmas so it's not the first I've seen these around. We currently own Watermelon Fizz, Pineapple Fizz and Grape Fizz so far and at first you'd get the obvious polish smells but a few minutes later and scent slowly breaks through

Red Nose Day bags designed by Lulu Guinness for Sainsbury. There are 3 designs in total (managed to find the third one after the whole event at one end of the row of tills...typical!)

I don't know if this kind of editing on the layout is easier to see individual images or maybe avoid pattern backdrop? Give suggestions if possible whilst I'm trying out different ideas myself.

Mucho love,

Tofu x


  1. Nice haul !
    I love the nail polish!

  2. Miss sporty was one of my first attempts at buying make up and i have loved it ever since! i dont buy it that often anymore but i remember the anti spot blemish foundation was amazing as were the nail varnishes! really good for money!!
    Those dr balm lip balms though i had a whiff of them recently and they smell like plastic/barbie perfume :'( not really my kinda thing
    ooh and i prefer this kinda layout to the plain ones gives it more hcaracter ;D x

    1. I only saw Miss Sporty as a brand for young teens probably due to the way how they advertise their products but it's one of those affordable brands you could purchase from without spending too much and still get away with a decent product.
      Lolz I thought it smelt ok xD. I feel the whole cropping thing is all over the place!! lolzz need to avoid clusters in the background :D

      Tofu x

    2. MM yeah I still buy the products though but the packaging is fugly not that it matters but Id rather look at something pretty and pink than like a weird blue coloured lipstick tube

  3. love your blog so much x