Saturday, March 23, 2013

DIY Chocolate Lip Scrub

I'm not entirely happy with the messed up weather and it's been snowing this month as well! Crazy -tut tut-. My lips have been experiencing the winter season again so I've decided to show you guys this chocolate lip scrub I've been meaning to do. Be warned though it's more to my "taste" so changes would be made during the process.

Ingredients you'll need :          Tools you'll need:

> brown sugar                     > clean empty containers
> honey                           > clean bowl to mix in
> cocoa                           > spoons (preferably 2)

Now for the fun part:

1 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar, 1 teaspoon or cocoa and 1 teaspoon of honey

Mix all the ingredients together and place into small containers or any tightly sealed container should do the job.

I use my EOS Lemon Drop to moisturise my lips after washing off the lip scrub

If it feels a little too stiff I cheated a little and added extra virgin olive oil (°∀°). This should be used once or twice a week depending on how dry your lips are but DON'T over scrub as this can weaken your lips even more and it's not a pretty sight!

Things to remember:

> scrub once or twice a week never more
> you only need a small amount to rub onto your lips

> wouldn't be ideal to lick your dead skin as well so...
> rinse well with lukewarm water and pat dry with towel
> it's important to moisturise your lips afterwards with a lip balm

This was my first time making a lip scrub but it can be altered to suit you so leave me a comment if you find this "recipe" was lacking in certain areas so I can keep that in mind for when I make other flavours in future.


Mucho love,

Tofu x 

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