Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"감사합니다" (Thank you in Korean)

New Malden today with mum and sis!! :D Very excited because it would be my mum's first time dining in an authentic Korean restaurant even though we do from time to time cook Korean cuisine at home (aside the fact that my dad and sis aren't so keen on the powerful flavour of our home-made kimchi bwhaha). I just happen to be yapping about the amount of Korean restaurants there were in New Malden as opposed to London and it was decided yesterday.

Making our way to New Malden...we ALWAYS and no joke...get lost. My mum and I would try to be all clever to "remember" the roads we'd come across in the past. You can probably guess...we got lost yet again. This has happened for the third time this year! Alone! Oh how we never learn xD. Many roads later and "oh this is on the way to...", found the perfect car park and scuttled our way to Sorabol ^^. (Research: formally known as Asadal before it changed to this one).

The restaurant itself on the outside (sorry forgot to take pic >"<) is not big and there was probably around 8 tables seating at least 4 people and where it's located is just off a roundabout on High Street, New Malden.

The layout for the shared appetiser ●‿●
Drinks: all chose green tea (£1.50-big pot to share)
Appetisers: Mixed jeon platter (£8-healthy ♥)
Mains: I went for Kimchi Chige (£ 6.50) whereas sis had beef bulgogi bento and my mum went for teriyaki rice dish.
Before they end the lunchtime slot at 3pm, we managed to get there say an hour beforehand and I have to admit this has filled me up so much now past midnight starting to feel quite hungry (◕︵◕). As we were the last people to leave, I thought it would be better to show our appreciation for the food so reminding myself how to say thank you politely to the lady, did a quick research on my phone in case I say the wrong thing and she cleared up our drinks I politely thanked her for the meal "kam-sah-am-nida" and she said "wow! :D kam-sah-am-nida". Yay I said the right thing and impressed her as well hehe (°⌣°).

So yeah to finish off I would STRONGLY recommend dining at Sorabol in New Malden. Also have to admit it taste authentic to me as opposed to the London branches I've dined at. Happy eating!!


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