Monday, June 11, 2012

#1 Fashion Treasure

Typical rainy day in the UK for the past few weeks and finally out of uni so shopping in Greenwich with mum and sis. Just wondering around Greenwich Shopping Park where my favourites stores: H&M, River Island, Topshop and Boots were. As I do it would normally be me browsing store by store and I was really hoping to find the Seamless Doctors Bag from Topshop but sadly I was too late.

The top has a nice gradient effect with plenty of studs around both shoulders

My mum's scared of the spikes but she was the one who didn't mind the idea of having studs on my shirt collar (when I eventually find a good shirt to destroy...I mean to decorate).

It's comfy and it's one of those oversized tops which I forgot to mention at the beginning. Just slugs off my shoulders nicely and yes I do have broad shoulders...and they're chubby on the downside when it comes to trying on tight-fitted clothing -sighs-.

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