Wednesday, September 04, 2013

August Favourites

hello everybody!

Another monthly favourites! Autumn is slowly creeping in but still warm -phew-. I didn't use as much makeup in August due to my -ahem- acne ( ´Д`).

1. Boots Natural Collection LashCare Mascara - clear
I'm one of those people who usually doesn't bother with my eyebrows probably because I've never dealt with them before. However this clear mascara is perfect for simple grooming to keep the hair within the shape.

2. 17 Clear Definition Mascara

This clear mascara is another simple product like the first product mentioned but I only use this for my eyelashes and never for my eyebrows in case I've used eyebrow pencil. So this mascara is strictly for my eyelashes!

3. The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner
 The Seaweed range from The Body Shop is perfect for my skin type (combination/oily) and I have to admit this toner has a refreshing smell and a feeling when used on my skin. Currently running low on my first bottle but bought two more when they were on sale for £1.50 from £3 each.

4. MUA Power Pout - Rendezvous
The moment these were released instores...immediately looked online to see which shade would suit me better. I'm huge on nude shades so Rendezvous was a nice one to try out.

5. The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream
This product came along to me when I was looking for the best mattifying cream for my face during the day. The sample was all I needed to know it was ideal for me. Plus the smell is refreshing as well as the cream itself.

6. No7 High Shine Lip Crayon - Daydreamer

A lot of these lip crayons/lip stain balms have become so popular this past year. I chose this shade which has a very subtle nude tone as opposed to MUA's Rendezvous.

7. The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash
I only bought this because I love the Seaweed range and so far this has been decent. Not something I would repurchase as I feel it's not working the way I want it to.

8. Miss Sporty Dr Balm - Glam Kiss SOS
I've mentioned this lip balm before and sadly I'm running low on this shade but fear not because I have the other shades from this small collection so I'm prepared before I go crazy haha... 


9. Carex Hand Gel Moisture Plus
This hand sanitiser smells like fresh towel and definitely convenient to have around when you're out and about with no sink nearby to wash your hands. I keep tissues from cafes and fast food places so I'm not just smearing the dirt around my hands but wiping onto the tissues. No harm done and hands smell just as nice!

10. EOS Lip Balm - Lemon Drop
I was a little skeptical about this method of a lip balm as I dont know what would happen when it's near the end. So far this is quite nice but almost finished! It definitely moisturises my lips with a nice lemon smell.

Another month gone by! Now to look forward to the cold weather and cardigans :D

Mucho love,

Tofu x

Disclaimer: All products mentioned above have been bought with my own money and in no way have been given to me to provide a boost in the brand. :D

(I need to improve on disclaimers part hehe)

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