Saturday, September 07, 2013

New additions to the family?

hello everybody!

A brief information, last year we bought a rabbit hutch and it's not been occupied...until now! Our lovely neighbours simply had too many bunnies and decided to give two to us. My first choice would have been the moustache one but...sadly it wasn't so fond of me...
(⌣_⌣ )
so I opted for the only black/white bunny. They already gave it a name and that's Oreo. My sister choose a white one and called it Mochi (we still don't know the gender for both of these bunnies).

Without further ado here are the images of the bunnies


The family
The mother with her newborns
sleepy little cuties hehe

yes...luring them upstairs
Oreo looks so cute hehe

the goodies we bought from Petsathome

So far so good~ hope the images have 'awww'ed you guys this weekend because I love them to bits!

Mucho love,


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