Wednesday, July 11, 2012

(✿♥‿♥) BIG SALE RIVER ISLAND 030712 (♥‿♥✿)

I just love it when River Island has a sale on although this time if you're able to get there before 8am to your nearest branch for this extra 50% off extra on top of the sale! Sadly being a lazy person I can't bring myself to wake up that early to go screaming halfway across town just for a massive bargain because that's just embarrassing! ⊙﹏⊙

Starting with the big stuff:
Pink ditsy print lace skater dress (was £35 now £20). I need to buy/come up with two different dresses to wear for my cousins' wedding. TWO...3 three apart. This dress would be perfect to wear early October or late...
White vest top with black bow (was £20 now £10) and blue vest top with lace tie (was £20 £10)
Stripey blue white vest, nice and slouchy and suitable to wear with bandeau (was £10 now £5). Plain white vest for relaxing at home (was £5.99 now £2).

I just love my vest tops ◕‿◕. Next up the smaller stuff (°⌣°):
House of Holland Mesh Super Suspender (was £12 now £4) and Pretty Polly Squiggly (was £10 now £4). Truth be told I wouldn't buy these from River Island due to the price of them originally but £4...who couldn't resist (•‿•).
Rubber rings, nice accessories soon to adorn my fat fingers for the summer (£2 now £1) not bad eh eh.

Been hunting all of my heels around the house and I feel that my summer wedges might just go well with the dress I bought. Although the weddings aren't til October so I guess I'm going for a late summer/autumn feel.



  1. Hey thanks for the comment! I followed. I really like the river island top! I didnt see any of these though in town today. I guess they either have good or bad clothes in. x

    1. Thanks for the comment :D and thanks for the follow yaay ^^! I was lucky to have found these in Greenwich branch on the day of the sale, heaps on clothes all nicely placed on the rails. The sales now are just..."dry" or maybe that's just how I see my local store xD lolzz