Monday, November 18, 2013

Tesco haul + great deals

hello everybody!

Just a small Tesco haul from a few days ago that I'd like to show you guys along with the savings/deals I've come across as well. Calculations of how much I've saved would be at the end of this post~

I love it when magazines are giving away Nails Inc bottles as their freebies. This time Nails Inc has collaborated with Kate Spade, a renown American designer, to release 4 shades for the readers of GLAMOUR. Sadly the Tesco branch I went to only had two shades available [Uptown Glamour (gold) and New York Noir (black)]. So it's worth getting for a full bottle (10ml) free with the magazine.

L-R: Kate Spade New York in New York Noir, Uptown Glamour, Soho Silver and Big Apple Red

Behold the gorgeous Katy Perry!

Here's my nail polish in the packaging

Almost forgot to mention but inside GLAMOUR there is the Joy Card from The Body Shop entitling you to £3, £15 or £100 off your purchases in stores until the 24th December 2013. Last year I ended up with £3 off my purchase for bought myself a Hemp lip balm which was my favourite but used up too bad. Wonder how much I have off this year (bound to be the lowest) but better than nothing!

Had to check that GLAMOUR magazine wasn't included in this bundle but my other favourite magazines are!

The packaging reminds me so much of a theatrical stage especially with the words around the border "co-starring..." with the retro themed products as well!

towel headband...headband...towel....stretchy headband...someone tell me the actual name for these things (much appreciated). Comfy, big enough for my head, stretchy enough and definitely keeps my hair back

Say You Scrub Me - basically body scrub ;). Haven't tried this out yet as I've recently bought a body scrub not long ago but it smells the same as the face scrub I've reviewed from the beginning of this year Along Came Betty face scrub review

So Much Bubble - bath bubble

It's A Skin Thing - body shimmer.

Crystals Are A Girls Best Friend - bath crystals.

The names they have for these products are so catchy and obvious to certain phrases we've all heard in the past.

Now for the calculations from the Tesco haul:

GLAMOUR - £2 [Nails Inc - free £11
3 Great Magazines - £5.99 [ELLE - £4.00
                              COMPANY - £2.50
                                    COSMOPOLITAN - £3.60]
 Along Came Betty Shower Glam Packed Shower Treats - £3.50 [£7]
Sadly this offer from Tesco only lasts until 24th November 2013 saving you £3.50 [LINK]

So to recap in total I've only paid £11.49 for everything 
whereas without the savings I would have paid £30.10 for individual products. 
Saving me £18.61!
I'm glad I decided to check on the Tesco website on that shower treats set.

Phew ~ haul finally typed up before the offer has ended. Worth getting for yourself or a Christmas gift for someone. 

Mucho love,

Tofu x

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